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Forklift training

The DGTC @dvantage :
customized and simplified training

Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG)

Do you ship or transport dangerous goods? Our personalized courses distinguish themselves by their simplicity.

Occupational health and safety

Do you require WHMIS training ?  Let us help your firm work safely and meet regulatory requirements !

Forklifts, Skyjacks and other lifting equipment

Forklifts can be dangerous without proper training. Protect business continuity with our hands-on training.

Transportation and shipping of biological materials

Can’t stand those endless training sessions? Our courses get to the heart of the matter and you, back to work faster.

We help our customers become more efficient, one class at a time!

Effective training

Are you looking for stimulating training, on dates that suit you? All of our hazardous materials courses are given at your workplace at the dates and time of your choice, by passionate and competent instructors.

Do you want to maximize the result of your trainings? Our courses are all tailored to your requirements, using day-to-day examples that concern your operations. Your employees will return to return to work faster and better informed.

Dangerous goods specialists

TDG + WHMIS + General Harmonized System + Workplace Health and Safety

TDGR Training

Our courses on the transport of dangerous goods regulations distinguish themselves by their simplicity and the ease with which you can put into practice the concepts learned. In addition, you will benefit from our many compliance tools to meet the requirements of the law without breaking your head.

Save time and ensure total compliance of your dangerous goods shipments by booking customized training at your workplace at the time and date of your choice.

WHMIS Training

WHMIS is enforced through federal and provincial laws. These legislations require Canadian suppliers (including importers and distributors) to supply safety data sheets and labels for all controlled products sold or distributed to be used in a workplace in Canada.

All Canadian workers (shop workers, welders, restaurant personnel, janitorial staff etc.) who could be exposed (directly or indirectly) to hazardous materials (solvents, aerosols, acids, cleaning agents etc.) must be trained.

Lifting Equipment Training

Forklifts are highly hazardous machines which can quickly become killers. Each year dozens of workers are injured or killed during routine operations. Several recent deaths have prompted the provincial government to be more pro-active in the enforcement of the regulations which requires training for all operators.

Quebec legislation requires employers to train and certify forklift operators. Réservez dès maintenant.

Biological materials

Our infectious substances training makes it easy to understand and apply the legal requirements for these shipments.

The use of our Transport of Biological Materials Guide allows you to quickly prepare your shipments and return to your main occupations while ensuring unparalleled compliance.

Legal obligations in the environmental sector have far-reaching consequences.  Without guidance, RoHS  EU REACH, California Proposition 65, US Conflict Minerals;  ISO 14001 or QC 080000 can be monsters to tackle. Enviropass,  an expert firm in environmentl compliance will introduce you to practical compliance methods. 


Export control can land you in a heap of trouble.  Don’t wait for an inspector’s visit to find out that you are in non-compliance.  Heroxx Trade Compliance brings decades of trade compliance with its export compliance training and export control knowledge.

Protect your employee’s health.

Obtain all your dangerous goods training from one supplier.