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Dangerous Goods Training Center

About the DGTC

Dangerous Goods Training Center

Founded in 2007, the Dangerous Goods Training Center (DGTC) specializes in training on the handling and transportation of dangerous goods and in occupational health and safety. Our team of dynamic trainers have traveled from British Columbia to Halifax, Nova Scotia and from Houston, Texas to Baffin Island and West Africa to meet the demands of our clientele.

Our training director, Bernard Parker, is a passionate trainer with more than 40 years of experience, 27 of which in the field of hazardous materials. It transforms the face of TDG, IATA, IMDG and WHMIS training by making what is normally a dull subject matter into a fun, friendly and above all effective experience. He is the author of several books on TMD.

Responsible for several innovations in the field, he also sits as a voting member of the Transport Canada’s Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations training committee.

Our Mission

Help companies increase their productivity and improve worker safety by providing specialized training on the transport of dangerous goods and occupational health and safety.

Are you looking for training on dates that suit you?

All our courses are given at your workplace, at the dates and times of your choice.

Do you want to maximize the result of your trainings?

Our courses are all tailored to your requirements, using day-to-day examples that concern your operations. Your employees will return to return to work faster and better informed.

Do you want to stimulate your employees to learn and put into practice what they have learned?

Our courses are given by passionate trainers who aim to give the best of themselves to ensure the success of the training.

Is effective and fun training possible?

Yes, good training is as much about study as it is about practice; whether for the transport of dangerous goods or for WHMIS. This is why our courses maximize real-life scenarios to better prepare your employees to deal with different daily situations, all with humour and passion.

For the transport of dangerous goods, we use the 8-step concept which allows candidates to learn a working procedure so that they are able to prepare and inspect shipments of dangerous goods according to the mode of transport chosen.

These trainings are based on practical guides, instead of heavy legal texts, which the employee will keep as reference material. These guides include user-friendly work tools to help participants better understand and become more effective at work.

What about certification…?

The employer receives, for each employee, an exam validating the knowledge learned as well as a training certificate that meets all the legal requirements in force.

Training, yes, but which one?

Our courses are designed to meet the various requirements of our customers. Whether you are shippers, carriers or handlers, our training is targeted to the specific needs of our customers.

And after the training?

We offer technical support by email and phone to help you if the need arises.

Our expertise


We are certified by the Labor Market Partners Commission.

Protect your employee’s health.

Obtain all your dangerous goods training from one supplier.