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Frequently asked question

TDG is the acronym for Transportation of Dangerous Goods and it’s a federal regulation (TDGR). The Transportation of Dangerous Goods Regulations ensure safety during the transportation of products considered “dangerous”. This law requires persons who ship or transport “dangerous goods” to follow specific standards when preparing and transporting these items, depending on the mode of transport. For air transport (or any transport by FedEx), additional requirements must also be followed.

YES, the Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System is a federal law that aims to protect workers from hazardous products used in their workplace. This law is different but complementary to the TDGR which regulates the movement of these goods. The classification criteria are also different.

YES, for everyone involved. The RTDG is implemented by Transport Canada and the SAAQ, while the CNESST ensures the application of WHMIS. In both cases, severe penalties are provided for offenders.

Yes, but these do not apply to all modes of transport. Some exemptions are only valid for ground transportation.

Simply by contacting us to determine your needs and the type of training required in your particular case. Not all TDG courses are created equal. First of all, you have to determine if you are a shipper or a carrier since the responsibilities of each are quite different and therefore, the training must too. It would be naive to believe that all people can follow the same course while having completely different responsibilities, as certain providers who offer courses in 60 minutes would like you to believe!!!

The dangerous goods covered by the TDGR are for example:

  • explosives (road flares)
  • compressed gases (propane, aerosols, fire extinguishers)
  • flammable liquids and solids (solvents, adhesives, paints)
  • oxidizing materials (dry chlorine)
  • toxic products, biological samples
  • corrosive materials (industrial detergents)

The Dangerous Goiods Training Center (CFMD) is an organization specializing in this field. We offer training either on site, by web conferencing or online, according to your needs and adapted to your reality.

By their simplicity and user-friendliness! Our courses are refined in order to teach you the essentials with passion and humor while using our guides and our compliance tools, simply and effectively!

For the TDGR, we use our 8 Steps to Compliance method to help you learn an easy-to-follow procedure for each mode of transport.

YES, since we comply with the latest Transport Canada, Transports Québec, SAAQ, FAA, IATA and US DOT standards. We are certified trainers by the Labor Market Partners Commission (1% law).

The Occupational Health and Safety Act also requires training for the use of lifting equipment such as forklifts, electric pallet trucks, aerial platforms, and overhead cranes.

Of course, and we prefer this approach which allows to make a more realistic learning experience, and often less expensive all considerations counted ! Our courses are available at your workplace on the dates and times of your choice.

Protect your employee’s health.

Obtain all your dangerous goods training from one supplier.