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Dangerous Goods Training Center

Registration requirement for TDG sites

The TDGR now requires sites shipping, transporting and/or receiving dangerous goods to register with Transport Canada. TMD registration It is prohibited for any person who operates a site in Canada to import, offer for transport, handle or transport dangerous goods at that site, unless they are registered in the Transport Canada database. A transition period of 12 months is planned from October 25, 2023. This registration is renewable every 12 months. A site means a permanent place where the importation, presentation for transport, handling or transport of dangerous goods takes place which are in the direct possession of a person carrying out these activities, excluding a place where dangerous goods are used exclusively in the course of its work, or as raw materials in the products it manufactures.

This applies to any person who imports, presents for transport, handles or transports dangerous goods at a site located in Canada of which they are the owner or operator. Exceptions are provided for most exemptions.

The following people are exempt (a) shipments that cross Canada without stopping; b) cross-border transportation where the sender does not have a head office in Canada or c) does not operate any site in Canada.